Ultimate solution for Field Balancing and Vibration Analysis

Support from prototype development to series production of green technology solutions


From consulting on rotor design and spin testing to the optimum balancing process

We are your partner for sustainable innovations! We support you throughout the entire process, from the initial idea to series production. Our customized services and state-of-the-art machines provide you with the support you need to develop innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. We place particular emphasis on precision and efficiency to maximize the quality and performance of your products. Our team of experts will work closely with you to develop customized solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs. With state-of-the-art technology and in-depth expertise, we ensure that every step of the process is seamlessly integrated and delivers optimal results. You can rely on our many years of experience and our commitment to excellence to implement your projects successfully and on time.

Green Technology Solutions - Sectors

Automotive and transport

Mobility in the automotive and transport sectors is being rethought - reap the benefits of climate-friendly mobility and innovation.

Aviation and Aerospace

Use alternatives to conventional drives in aviation and benefit from the elimination of environmentally harmful factors.


We are your partner for emission-free mobility on the water.

Research & Development

Technical consulting & spin testing

Our specially equipped spin testing rigs enable you to carry out the necessary centrifugal force tests and analyses on your test specimens in the field of green technology. They are used for the development and further development of new products as well as for quality assurance in production. By using our spin testing rigs in conjunction with a variety of measurement methods developed in-house, you can better understand and optimize the properties and behaviour of your rotors. They are also ideal for testing small pre-series and random quality monitoring to meet your requirements.

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Testing & Measuring

Test laboratory for balancing technology

Our Test Laboratory for Balancing Technology specializes in the metrological qualification of balancing and spin testing systems as well as corresponding working standards. Since 2009, the laboratory of Schenck RoTec GmbH has fully implemented the more demanding requirements for testing and calibration laboratories. We hold the accreditation in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 – for all relevant measured quantities in balancing technology and also for the traceability of the measure and unbalance itself, which is unique in the world. Customers in the green technology sector can rely on us as a reliable competence center for the validation of their measurement and testing devices. We guarantee independence, manufacturer neutrality and effective protection of the information received from our customers.

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Solutions & Products

Suitable solutions for your requirements

Our products and software solutions, specialized to your needs and requirements, provide you with the best possible support in the various steps of your process chain. With the Schenck Green Technology Center, we combine all our services and products in one central location. This ecosystem enables us to combine our many years of expertise with the right products and infrastructure to provide you with our comprehensive portfolio of products and services.

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Schenck Green Technology: Pioneering work for a sustainable future

Schenck's Green Technology division was created to support the transition to a decarbonized future by contributing to the efficiency and effectiveness of a sustainable industry. Schenck is pioneering a world-class approach to support in research and development, rotor design and balancing process. The company offers comprehensive consulting, spin testing and unbalance optimization to achieve this goal.

With a strong focus on innovation and quality in prototype testing, Schenck is setting new standards in the industry. With our many years of expertise, we work closely with customers to develop customized solutions that not only meet current requirements, but can also master future challenges. By integrating cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices, Schenck helps to reduce the environmental footprint while increasing product performance and reliability. This commitment to excellence and sustainability makes Schenck a trusted partner on the road to a greener and more environmentally friendly world.

Schenck Green Technology Solutions

We offer our customers comprehensive support throughout the entire process. From consulting and planning to measurement and testing, we are by your side to ensure that your needs are met comprehensively and effectively.

Spin testing

We perform all necessary work on your rotors for new and further developments or as part of quality assurance.

Prototype testing

Only when a component has been built as a prototype can its strengths and weaknesses become apparent. We analyze rotors and determine how they will behave in real operation.

Testing & maintenance

nsure that your balancing and spintesting system meets the required standards. We support you in this - with a range of individual service packages.


It requires the right software solutions to obtain precise measurements. Our software infrastructure provides the exact results for every process step.


From spin stands to balancing machines for rotors in series production. Our Green Technology product portfolio covers the entire process chain.

Green Technolgy Center

Our new Green Technology Center bundles the spin-testing and validation services of our Test Laboratory and consulting division. Benefit from this unique ecosystem.

Schenck Green Technology Center

The Schenck Green Technology Center combines our many years of experience with state-of-the-art technology - for faster product development and quality processes under TISAX® standards.

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