Your technological advancement for your rotor

Increased range, improved performance and stricter environmental requirements have significantly increased the acceptance Green Technology with consumers and with it have also increased demand. In order to meet the diverse requirements in the field of green technology, we offer a wide range of products that are tailored to different challenges and areas of application.

We also focus on continuous research and development in order to remain at the forefront of technological progress.

Spin test systems

Centrio 20 - 270

In spin test systems, rotating components are tested under centrifugal force. These are proven test stands, which are specially designed for the development and production, as well as the quality assurance of emobility rotors, jet engines, gas turbines, turbo-compressors, turbochargers, ventilators, commutators, automotive couplings, HSG grinding bodies.
Main areas of application are: Material strengthening, strength tests, burst test, LCF tests (creep tests), HCF testing.
The spin test system contains a vacuum-sealed chamber with integrated burst protection. This is designed to absorb the expected fragment energy when a rotor bursts.

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Balancing in series production


Balancing is the last step on the path to the perfect rotor in production. With its design, the eTENO offers a consistent implementation of the balancing process in series production. Cycle times from 40 to 100 seconds offer the solution for a wide production spectrum - all of this with the maximum balancing quality. The eTENO is designed as a two-station machine with separate measurement and correction station. This allows significantly shorter cycle times and better measurement and balancing results.

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The perfect solution for your rotor


Discover our wide range of balancing machines for rotors in the field of green technology. From dynamic balancing machines to static balancing systems, from small rotors to rotors weighing several hundred kilograms – we offer the right solution for your requirements. Our machines are specially designed to ensure that your rotors are not subject to unwanted vibrations during operation.

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Schenck Green Technology Center

The Schenck Green Technology Center combines our many years of experience with state-of-the-art technology - for faster product development and quality processes under TISAX® standards.

Contract balancing

Our service is your flexibility

In our balancing centers we put the final touches on your rotors. We act as an extended workbench for all things related to balancing. Here you enjoy greater flexibility in your production, reduce response times and avoid bottlenecks. Benefit from this comprehensive range of experience – especially when it comes to quality assurance - trust your rotors to our experts in many European locations!

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Our holistic approach

We offer our customers comprehensive support throughout the entire process. From consulting and planning to measurement and testing, we are by your side to ensure that your needs are met comprehensively and effectively.

Research & Development

We carry out work on rotors for new and further developments as well as quality assurance and analyze their behavior in real operation.

Testing & Measuring

Make sure that your balancing and spin testing system meets the required standards. We can help you with this – with a range of customized service packages.

Green Technology Center

Our new Green Technology Center bundles the spin- testing and validation services of our Test Laboratory and consulting division. Benefit from this unique ecosystem.

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