Green Technology Center

Enabling sustainable rotating technology

The constant growth in the field of e-mobility requires continuous innovation in engine technology, especially in the production of new, efficient rotors. Schenck RoTec's Technical Consulting supports manufacturers in testing their rotors with shear tests – now in the newly opened Green Technology Center.
The bundling of testing facilities in the Green Technology Center leads to improved product quality and shorter development cycles

Insights into the opening of our Green Technology Center in Darmstadt:

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The Green Technology Center is equipped with four different spin test stands. Each stand is mounted on its own foundation, which ensures a high level of accuracy in the tests. After the spin tests, the rotors are examined in a specially equipped measuring room that has three high-precision coordinate measuring machines. In front of this is a tempering room in which the rotors can be brought to the temperatures required for the measurement. The center also has four balancing machines, two Pasio 50s and two Pasio 15s, to correct any imbalances that may occur on the spot.

Innovative spin and validation services at the new Green Technology Center

As the market leader in the field of balancing technology, it is an essential part of our strategy to allow sustainable innovations in the technical market environment. In the future, our new Green Technology Center will therefore bundle our spin and validation services. Our many years of experience in balancing and vibration analysis, coupled with the latest technology, will significantly accelerate our customers' product development and quality processes in the field of sustainable growth markets.

Overview of the various services offered by the center

We offer our customers a wide range of services at the Green Technology Center, depending on the rotor and application. In our Green Technology Center, we can use the latest technology to offer you innovative analysis options.

Technical consulting
  • Spin testing
    • Overspeed tests
    • Cycle tests
    • Burst tests
    • Possible gear boxes
      • 60.000 rpm / 400 kg
      • 125.000 rpm / 50 kg
      • 250.000 rpm / 10 kg
    • Dimensioning, design and manufacturing of spinning tools
  • Spin testing options
    • Rotor heating (radiant or air heating, max 250° rotor temperature)
    • Dynamic expansion measurement regarding up to four rotor planes and analysis of elastic and plastic behavior
    • Rotor burst with HighSpeed Camera (Highspeed-Video during burst tests)
    • Visual Inspection & High-definition video for high resolution pictures and videos of standstill inspection or during spinning
  • Additional service
    • Analysis and comparison of unbalance changes before and after spin test
    • Plastic deformation analysis: Analysis and comparison of rotor geometry before and after spin test
  • Prototype development
  • Unbalance budget
  • Quality assurance
  • Process optimization
Test laboratory for balancing technology
  • Standard-compliant proof quality
    • Traceable to international SI units
    • In-house developed, precise reference rotors that, in conjunction with highly precision reference machines (master machines), serve as reference standards for the measurand unbalance
    • Based on international standards such as DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN 9100, IATF 16949, DIN EN ISO 10012, SAE AS 9100 and VDA 6.1, 6.2 and 6.4
  • Testing of working standards
    • Test rotors and masses in accordance with ISO 21940-21 or SAE ARP 4162
    • Setup and master rotors for balancing machines in serial production
    • Other disk- and cylindrical-shaped standards or entire assemblies
    • Standardised or self-manufactured standards
    • Three performance levels to suit your QM system: laboratory test certificate, works test report and test protocol
  • Testing and maintenance of machines
    • Inspection of universal balancing machines in accordance with ISO 21940-21 or SAE AS8617: 2020-08 (includes SAE ARP 4048 / 4050 / 5323 / 6217)
    • Inspection of balancing machines in individual or batch production
    • Inspection of high-speed balancing machines for tasks in accordance with ISO 21940-12 (outside accredited test procedures)
    • Inspection of spin testing systems

Our holistic approach

We offer our customers comprehensive support throughout the entire process. From consulting and planning to measurement and testing, we are by your side to ensure that your needs are met comprehensively and effectively.

Spin testing

We perform all necessary work on your rotors for new and further developments or as part of quality assurance.

Prototype testing

Only when a component has been built as a prototype can its strengths and weaknesses become apparent. We analyze rotors and determine how they will behave in real operation.

Test laboratory

Make sure that your balancing and spin testing system meets the required standards. We can help you with this – with a range of customized service packages.


From spin stands to balancing machines for rotors in series production. Our Green Technology product portfolio covers the entire process chain.

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