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In the area of green technology, we offer a range of software solutions tailored to the individual requirements and needs of our customers. From innovative solutions in the spin service to our most modern solutions with remote access for our universal balancing machines – only with the right and highly accurate software can reliable and precise results be achieved.

Another focus of our work is the continuous development and optimization of our software. We are constantly investing in research and development to ensure that our products are always state-of-the-art and meet the highest quality standards.

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Software for Computer Aided Spin Testing

The CAST 2 protocol system and the M385pro speed controller together form a sophisticated software package for spin testers.
CAST 2 is the main system that collects, analyzes and monitors measured data and parameters. It supports up to 64 analog and digital measurement channels, e.g. for speed, shaft vibration, vacuum and temperature. In addition, CAST 2 allows fully automatic control of over-speed tests and test cycles. It also offers convenient visualization of all measured values in both online and offline mode.


Optical strain measurement of rotors

Our ROSS technology measures the deformation of a rotating body across its entire cross-section during rotation. Compared to conventional methods, it offers advantages such as early detection of weak points and precise assignment of rotational speeds using high-resolution cameras. This allows for easier optimization of the design in the development and testing process of new rotors.


Analyze vibrations and unbalances

TurboTest is used for vibration and unbalance analysis in the laboratory and at customers' premises and is also used on site to carry out measurements. The software is used for analysis and problem solving and measures vibrations and speed, from which various analyses such as time signal, spectrogram, FFT and unbalance calculation can be created.

Schenck ONE

Schenck ONE for universal balancing machines

With Schenck ONE, you can keep an eye on all your data and processes. To enable you to work as efficiently as possible, we combine our highly accurate measuring software with supporting software solutions along the entire balancing process. The modular system allows you to create a flexible system of software solutions tailored to your needs and to optimally address your individual situation.

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Our classic systems

CAB 920 offers a well-thought-out operating concept with intuitive handling and high precision in measured value processing for fast and safe working with little learning effort. It allows a high unbalance reduction ratio and fast results for various rotor variants.

The CAB 820 offers top performance and ease of use at a good price. Ideal for quick and easy balancing in companies.

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Our holistic approach

We offer our customers comprehensive support throughout the entire process. From consulting and planning to measurement and testing, we are by your side to ensure that your needs are met comprehensively and effectively.

Spin testing

We perform all necessary work on your rotors for new and further developments or as part of quality assurance.

Prototype testing

Only when a component has been built as a prototype can its strengths and weaknesses become apparent. We analyze rotors and determine how they will behave in real operation.

Test laboratory

Make sure that your balancing and spin testing system meets the required standards. We can help you with this – with a range of customized service packages.


From spin stands to balancing machines for rotors in series production. Our Green Technology product portfolio covers the entire process chain.

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